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How to sew a double welt pocket on trousers: a visual guide.


Parts for a pocket 12 cm (4.7") wide.




1- Iron the interfacing on WRONG side of the pocket welts. Press the two welt pocket pieces in half, from the RIGHT side.

2- Mark the guidelines on the RIGHT side of the fabric.



3- Pin the two welt pieces to the RIGHT side of the garment.

4- Stich down the exact center of each welt pocket piece: start and ending points are marked by pins..



5- Cut along the center line & diagonals. Stop 1mm before the horizontal stitching.

6- Push the seam allowances to the WRONG side and iron. 




7- Stitch the triangle to the seam allowances of the welts, from stitch line to stitch line. 

8- Pin the upper pocket lining piece to the upper welt. Pin the lower pocket lining piece to the lower welt



9- Stitch the upper pocket lining piece to the upper welt. Then stitch the lower pocket lining to the lower welt.

10- Stitch along the edges of the pocket lining.


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