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Talking about sewing...

Double welt pockets: where can we find them?

Inspirations and ideas on where we can sew double welt pockets and have a good outfit!

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How to sew a double welt pocket - tutorial, infographic

How to sew a double welt pocket on trousers: a visual guide. Step by step follow these easy steps for a perfect doble welt pocket.

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Pattern Review: Burda Pullover N.121 11/2022

I studied this project a lot because I wanted a turtleneck pullover that was original and at the same time easy to sew.

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Stripes: a slightly sinister and slightly rebellious history of a must-have in fashion

The term "striped fabric" describes any fabric, whether knitted or printed, in such a way that bands of different colours appear on the fabric at even or uneven spacing, horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

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Modelling: puffed sleeves and balloons

How to create a pattern for a puffed sleeve, starting with a standard sleeve.

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Puffed or baloon sleeves, the perfect sleeve for feeling romantic and a little bit chic

Romantic and sometimes exaggerated, balloon sleeves were introduced by the ladies of the upper classes already in the Middle Ages

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Sewing is a natural antidepressant

Sewing stimulates the neurological system and the calming effects of sewing can help people reduce stress and anxiety

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