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Why did I decide to start this website?

Because when I make something with my own hands I have positive feelings: I am happy and proud of myself. I believe sewing is a relaxing, creative and exciting activity.

Seeing an item of clothing or an object being created by my own hands gives me positive energy and everyone should enjoy making something for themselves or others.

I believe that sewing should be an activity for everyone, even beginners can make beautiful garments to show off, give away and wear.

Sewing is beautiful, it's trendy and it's fashionable!

how I work

I make a careful selection of the models to be proposed, favouring the most fashionable ones and being inspired by the latest trends of the most popular designers.

I choose quality fabrics and materials and the most suitable fabrics for each project. 

I create precise guides and tutorials with clear explanations of each step.

the patterns

On this website you can buy a pdf pattern and immediately receive the pdf to print and video instructions on how to make it.

  1. Choose your pattern: choose the model you want to make

  2. Receive the pattern and tutorial: immediately get the link to download the A1 and A4 printable pattern and video instructions.

  3. Unleash your creativity now: print the pattern, find your size and start making your garment right away.

  4. Enjoy the experience and be proud of your achievement!

  5. Share your happiness: #thesewingpoint

Sewing is the secret to happiness!