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Make in a few simple stitching the two-colour - reversible storage baskets to collect your accessories or as an original gift idea.


Follow our instructions to create the pattern to make baskets of any size you want or follow this link to download the free pattern


What you need:

- 1 terry cloth for the inside

- 1 terry cloth for the outside


Decide what size we want our basket to be. We choose the height, length and depth.

Tip: do not make it too high because terry is a soft fabric that folds in on itself. If we want a high basket (e.g. above 15 cm) we will have to reinforce the fabric.

Create our model:

- draw a rectangle with one side the length of the two sides of our basket + 2 cm = length + depth + 2.

The other side will be as long as the desired height of the basket (including the flap) + the depth measurement divided by 2 + 2

- from the rectangle we remove on the underside two squares with sides equal to the measurement of the depth of the basket divided by 2


To speed up the work, I prepared ready-made templates for measuring baskets:

8x8x8 (3.15")

10x10x10 (3.9")

12x12x12 (4.7")

30x12x12 (11.8"x4.7"x4.7")


Download the free printable pattern here


Cut out 4 pieces of fabric following this pattern, 2 for the inside and 2 for the outside.

Join each piece of fabric with its double (of the same colour) right sides together.

Sew on the 3 shorter sides, leaving 1 cm from the edges.

Flatten the corners by matching the sides.

Close them with a seam at a distance of 1 cm from the edges.

Do this for both fabrics then insert one basket inside the other, right sides together, making sure that the top edge matches.

Sew along the edges leaving an opening as wide as our hand.

Turn through the opening.

Stitch all around 1 cm from the edge. 



Watch the tutorial

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