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A super easy project to make an original summer dress in just a few minutes! 


Let's prepare the fabric: we will need a 150x150 cm piece of fabric.

The measurements refer to a dress size 5-6 years.

Cut out a 120 (l)x 50 (h) cm rectangle of fabric and 4 strips of 38x4 cm for the shoulder straps. 



Draw 7 lines on the fabric starting from the top every 2 cm.

Insert the elastic thread in the lower bobbin and sew along the drawn lines with a straight stitch. 

The fabric will naturally tend to curl.

Continue like this on all 7 drawn lines.

Let the thread protrude 7-8 cm.

Pull the threads to curl the bodice as much as you like and fasten them by knotting them together. 




Fasten the side edges, right sides together.

Sew with the sewing machine (and then finish with a zigzag stitch) or directly with the overlock.


Finish the top and the bottom with the overlock (either with a zigzag stitch or with a small hemstitch).

Fold the straps right sides together and sew, leaving one side open.

Fold them over.

Close the open side.

Fasten the straps to the bodice at a distance of approximately 6 cm from the sides. 

Sew along the lines of the gathering.




For an even more summery look, we can decide to attach only the straps in front to the bodice (in this case I recommend making them a few cm longer) so as to tie them behind the neck. 





Watch the videotutorial!



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