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The face of a mouse (or bunny) makes CU CU from this cute little bag, ideal for kindergarten and for our baby's change.

You can make it with recycled fabric, combining colours as you like!


Follow the diagram to obtain the various parts that make up the bag

Let's make up the ears:

- Join the parts of the ears two by two, right sides together.

- Sew along the upper side, leaving the lower side open.

- Turn.

- Fold the sides of the ears inwards to the middle and pin them in place.

- Join the two sides of the front of the bag, right sides together, including the ears.

Let us devote ourselves to the mouse's face: we fix the eye circle, fix the nose and attach the buttons.

Draw the line of the mouth.


If you want, sew a piece of fabric (8cm x 4cm) on which to embroider the name.


Fold the edges of the loops 0.5 cm inwards and sew.

Join the two parts of the back, right sides together.

Fold the loops in two and attach them to one side of the bag, right side out.

Overlap with the other side and fasten on three sides, right sides together.

Sew all around including the loops.

Make up the lining by joining the two sides, right sides together and sewing on the three sides.

Insert the lining inside the bag, right sides together and sew, leaving an opening as wide as our hand.

Turn the pouch inside out. Topstitch along the entire edge to close the remaining opening.

Prepare the webbing for hanging by folding the edges 0.5 cm inwards.

Trim the side edges of the two remaining strips of fabric by making a small hem.

Fold the two strips back to back and attach them to the bag by folding the edges inwards.

In the back include the webbing for hanging.

Thread the webbing for the shoulder straps through the bag and the loops.

Repeat twice and close it with a tight knot.



Watch the tutorial

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