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When they told me at the kindergarten that every Monday I had to bring five bibs with the name on them for my baby who would be starting a few weeks later, I immediately looked for a way to sew them myself.


I was a bit bored with the embroidered cross-stitched ones, and so poking around on Pinterest and Etsy, among tutorials and ideas from all over the world, I came up with my own idea of a bib: terrycloth on one side and cotton on the other, with elastic to quickly tuck in the head and with appliqués to match the pattern of the cotton fabric.


Last very important thing: no need to bias! These bibs are sewn on the reverse side and then turned over and biased so the corners remain neatly finished and can be sewn in 10 minutes.


Try it now!


Follow the diagram to cut out the various parts that make up the bib



Make the elastic loop by folding the strip along the shorter side, right sides together.

Fasten with pins. Sew. Fold.

Iron along the fold.

Insert the elastic by fastening it on both sides with the pins.




Prepare the name, embroidering it or using the free motion technique (as in this case).

Sew the name and any appliqués with the zigzag stitch.



Attach the elastic on the right side of the front.

Overlap with the back and pin all around.

Sew, leaving an opening for turning.



Fold the edges of the opening inwards.

Finish with a topstitching seam all around.


Let's vary the applications to make a bib for every day of the week!




Watch the video for the details of this tutorial


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