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Nursing Pillow Free Pattern

A do-it-yourself nursing pillow or simply a new pillowcase for your pillow (pillowcase suitable for Chicco's Boppy model)


Let's sew a nursing pillowcase together. The video shows step by step how to sew a pillowcase for a Chicco Boppy nursing pillow.

What we need

Cotton fabric, preferably Oeko Tex certified. Height 1.50 m (59"). Length 0.7 m (27.5").

65 cm (25") long zip

thread to match the fabric

Production time: 1 hour


1. Leave a 1.5 cm (0.6") margin on all outer sides (the curved ones).

2. Zigzag the edges of the 2 sides where the zip will be inserted.

3. Fold them back to 2 cm (0.8") and iron them to a crease.

4. Place the zip under the lower fold.

5. Fasten with pins and sew with a straight stitch. Pay attention to the zip feed!

6. Repeat with the upper opening so that it overlaps the lower opening by 0.5 cm (0.2").

7. Cut away the excess hinge part.

8. Attach the rectangular profile to the two parts of the pillowcase: sew either with a straight stitch and then finish with a zigzag or a French seam.

9. Join the open side of the pillowcase in the same way.

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