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A personalised placemat for school snacks?

Here it is!

It's very quick to make and can become an original gift idea for kids that start school.


All you need is a piece of fabric of the desired size (30x30cm or 30x50cm) and some embroidery thread.


Let’s start by cutting a piece of fabric to the size we want.

Go all around with the overlock or a zigzag stitch to avoid fraying.

Go over the reverse side to make the corners.

Measure 2 cm from the edge of each side and mark this reference on the fabric.

Now fold the corners up to the marked guide and pin them in place.

Do this for all corners. Iron each corner by removing the pin.

Fold the side edges until we reach the end of the corner.

Iron the fold well.

Reposition the pins on the corner and fix all side edges.

Repeat on all corners and sides.

Sew, removing the pins as we go.

Et voila! The placemat is finished.


Ready to personalize the placemat?

Prepare our lettering on a sheet of paper.

When we have found the one that convinces us and fills the space well, go over it with a dark felt-tip pen.

Insert the fabric into the embroidery frame.

Place the inscription under the fabric, securing it with pins.

Against the light we will see the lettering, which we can then go over with a pencil.

Embroider with a written stitch.

Let's execute a running stitch, i.e. straight stitches at an even distance (2-3 mm).

Once we have reached the end, we go back and fill in the blanks with the same stitch.

Ready for the first day of school!


Watch the videotutorial

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